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Donations and Card Payments

Contactless Donation Machines

Would you like to begin collecting contactless card payments at your church or charity?


Choose danation

Tap your card

Chip & Pin

Thank you!

Everything you need

to begin collecting contactless card donations at your church or charity

Choose Free or Premium App

Premium app begin at £7.50 per month*

*Prices correct from as of Jan 2021

DOnation amounts.JPG
Givealittle app.JPG


Unit Price

One off charge for the entire unit.

Card reader.





Card transaction fee

Sumup provide the contactless card reader.

Transaction fees are 1.79% with no monthly costs.

Free or premium App

You can either choose the free app or the premium app from Givealittle.

Premium app accounts begin at £7.50 per month and allow extra additional features such as collecting gift aid.

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